New Slimline Heritage Litter Bin

Following customer demand, Leafield Environmental has launched a new Heritage Slimline Litter Bin, with a narrow footprint and front door opening design for street scene environments.

Leafield’s Heritage Slimline Litter Bin has a 72-litre capacity and its space saving design will add a slimline option to Leafield’s popular traditional Heritage Litter Bin range. The standard black Heritage Slimline Litter Bin is made from up 100% recycled material (subject to availability) and features traditional gold banding. Its anti-fly poster ribbed surface has been designed to deter fly posting.

The robust Heritage Slimline Litter Bin features a double aperture for easy walk by access. It has an optional top ashtray or stainless steel stubber plate to keep the unit clean and avoid damage. The curved hood has been designed to prevent waste being left on the top of the bin.

The front door opening has been designed to ease manual handling access to the liner and its hinged door prevents lifting. The slam shut door has a multi-point lock and a five-point moulded in locking feature with optional quarter turn lock. The unit also features a deep moulded plinth for ballasting and 4-point moulded fixing holes for surface mounting.  

Optional A4 poster frames for custom advertising or labelling can be added on four areas of the bin.

The Heritage Slimline Litter Bin is manufactured and designed in the UK to provide a high-quality litter solution for local authorities.

For more information on Leafield’s Heritage Slimline Litter Bin call Leafield Environmental on 01225 816541, email [email protected] or visit