Educating the next generation to recycle

Many nurseries and primary schools in the UK and internationally have introduced recycling schemes using our novelty bins to encourage and educate children to dispose recyclable and landfill waste in the classroom, during lunchtime or in the playground.

School recycling schemes are usually set-up by a school eco-committee and many get guidance and support from the Eco Schools programme run by Keep Britain Tidy. Environmental charity, WRAP have recently announced a new partnership with Let’s Go Zero which is a campaign uniting schools in fighting climate change by 2030.

Leafield’s popular Novelty Bins:

·        Leafield Smiley Face Bins – a colourful and child friendly sized bin range with appealing smiley face lids. The black unit is made from up to 100% recycled plastic* and is available in three different sizes (41,52 or 62 litres). Coloured lids and recycling labels are available to help identify the waste stream. Suitable for internal environments.

·        Leafield Pencil Bins – a eye-catching 70-litre bin range ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. The hooded design prevents rainwater gathering in the bin and features an easy access aperture. Manufactured in a variety of different colours with the option of featuring a recycling label. Can be grouped neatly together for space saving.   

·        Leafield Aquabuddy Bins – the penguin, frog and dolphin bins are a popular choice with children to recycle. Suitable for internal or external environments. The penguin and dolphin bins can hold up to 55-litres of waste and the frog bin can collect up to 84-litres of waste. Recycling labels are available to help identify the collection of waste.

·        Leafield MiniBuddy Bins – the ladybird, calf, piglet and tadpole 60-litre bins have been designed to attract attention from the younger generation. Suitable for internal and external environments and ideal for low volume waste recycling.

·        Leafield Emoji Bins – the innovative emoji 70-litre bin range can help younger children identify between recyclable waste with a smiley face emoji and landfill waste with a sad face emoji. A popular choice with its bright colours and smiley faces. The black unit is made from up to 100% recycled plastic* and different colour lids and recycling labels are available.

All the Leafield Novelty Bins are made from highly durable plastic (same materials used to make canoes!) and are UV resistant. *Subject to availability.

For more information on Leafield’s Novelty Bins call Leafield Environmental on 01225 816541, email [email protected] or visit