Contract Moulding

Delivering Superior Quality, Reliability and Innovation at a Competitive Cost.

Advanced Rotational Moulding is an extremely versatile, cost-effective method of producing plastic components. Tooling costs can be a fifth of the cost of injection moulding or blow moulding tooling. Items or components produced by ‘rotomoulding’ are far stronger then those produced by vacuum forming and in many instances than injection moulding.

The flexibility of the process enables us to manufacture products in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from small intricate 150mm components to 10,000 litre water tanks that stand over 2.5 metres in height

We can incorporate metal inserts, a variety of surface finishes and integral or moulded in logos and graphics. We can manufacture in recycled materials and even anti microbial polymers.

We pride ourselves as being at the cutting edge of our technology in both design and production.

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