Closed Loop Recycling Scheme with Bangor University

Leafield Environmental, a leading UK manufacturer and designer of recycling and litter bins are proud to offer a Closed Loop Recycling Scheme and have recently reclaimed 900 old plastic bins from Bangor University and turned them into new plastic bins.

The Leafield Closed Loop Recycling Scheme is a major contribution in supporting the Government’s target for the UK to be net zero carbon by 2050. The unique benefit of this scheme is that the new bins are made from up to 100% recycled plastics, which puts the circular economy at the core of any business.

Steven Parker, Business Development Manager at Leafield Environmental said:

“We have been working with Bangor University for many years and instead of sending 900 of their old plastic bins to landfill, we worked with them to collect and bring them back to our manufacturing facility to start the closed loop recycling process.  The products were dismantled into parts and reprocessed to create new EnviroStack recycling bins for their student Halls of Residence buildings.”

Gwen Holland, Waste Manager and Circular Economy Coordinator at Bangor University said:

“Bangor University moved from a comingled (mixed) recycling system to a semi-segregated system in 2020, with the aim of improving recycling rates. We purchased all our new internal recycling bins from Leafield Environmental as they were manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. Just before Christmas 2021, Bangor University and Leafield Environmental teamed up to collect, sort and recycle all our old Halls of Residence bins so that they could be made into new bins. In order to truly contribute to a circular economy, we believe that all our decisions should be circular – from purchases, to processes, to disposal. We would like to thank the Leafield team for their continued support.”


For more information on the Closed Loop Recycling Scheme call Leafield Environmental on 01225 816541, email [email protected] or visit