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About Leafield Environmental

Leafield Environmental* manufactures premium plastic litter and recycling bins, agricultural products, materials handling products and highways street furniture using rotational moulding, a fast and efficient method which produces consistent high quality, hard-wearing and stress-free products. Located in Corsham, Wiltshire the company employs 60 full time equivalent staff. Annual revenues are approximately £6 million. 

Customers span many sectors including commercial operations, schools, universities, entertainment venues, shopping centres and public sector institutions.

Environmental - ISO 14001

We are a company that cares about the environment and our business has in place Environmental Management Systems that have been certified and comply with BS EN ISO 14001:2015.

Download Environmental policy below


Health & Safety

We care about the occupational Health and Safety of our staff and are an BS OHSAS 18001:2007 accredited employer.

Quality & Service - ISO 9001

We have a ‘quality culture’ running throughout our business and have systems in place, certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015, that ensure that our customers receive a consistently high level of quality and service.

Award Winning Design

Our ‘In house’ design team consistently produces product solutions that are independently recognised for their excellence.

2012 - Plastics Industry Awards Finalist:
'Industrial Product Design of the Year': Meridian Envirobin

2010 - Horners Award
Special Commendation: Night Owl

2008 - Technical Innovation Award
WT Drinking Troughs

2008 - Plastics Industry Awards
‘Best Industrial Product Design’: TwinBin

2003 – Plastic Industry Awards:
'Best Environmental or Energy Efficiency Programme': Envirobank 140

2003 - National Recycling Awards:
'Recycled product of the year' finalist: Envirobank 140


How are we reducing our impact on the environment?

We are constantly on the look out for ways to improve our business and reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Our commitment to our environmental management systems is a priority and annual assessments continue to confirm positive improvements and compliance to recognised industry standards.

All of our products are designed and manufactured under one roof by skilled engineers with a strong commitment to improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact. UK manufacture of our products has many benefits including:

  • Lower environmental impact of transit and deliveries.
  • Employment opportunities for the UK market.
  • Support for the UK economy - all our raw materials are sourced from UK suppliers.
  • Good position to react quickly to UK market demands.


Manufacturing process

Water use down 75%

  • Significant changes to methods of production and cooling processes and the installation of rainwater harvesting tanks has reduced the factory’s mains water use by 75% since 2009.

Waste volumes halved

  • Cardboard and general waste volume has fallen by more than 50%, this has been achieved by introducing more efficient handling and improved waste streaming methods to maximise recycling potential. 


  • All of our packing boxes and protective polythene bags are made from 100% recycled materials.

Into the future….we will

  • Increase the use of recycled materials and offer clients sustainable solutions.
  • Investigate new technologies and experiment with lower temperature manufacturing techniques to further reduce energy use.
  • Explore methods of harnessing factory heat emissions into renewable energy.

*formerly known as Linpac Environmental Ltd

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